Partner With Us

How it Works

Leavitt & Co. is a unique business opportunity because it does not cost you anything! You see, we know you’re busy managing your business, so we like to keep our relationship as simple as possible! We love to partner with busy, high trafficked retail locations on a consignment basis.
As a partnering Retailer, you will receive the following

  • Complimentary jewelry display pieces & organza bags
  • All accessories will arrive priced and ready to be sold
  • We will service your account every 2-3 weeks to switch out your display
  • Employee discount
  • You will receive 30% of our sales

Need another reason to give us a try?

We do not have a storefront, therefore we direct our inquiring customers to your location through our social media sites and local shopping events.
And the best part, everything is priced under $50, so the inventory moves quickly!
Please contact us to schedule an appointment to preview our latest collections

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